“Made It [Limber Mix]” – Out Now

“Made It [Limber Mix]” is Brooklyn-based tantrumteddy’s newest single to drop amidst a slew of digital releases this year. The track is an amalgamation of elements that make up the artist’s self-dubbed psychopop: jazz-inspired harmonic samples, manic-soul vocals, programmed breakbeats, live guitars/bass merged with synth layers and a feel that borders on hyperpop. An uptempo remix drawing from the artist’s recent EP, Cool Face, Hold It, the track offers cheeky self-deprecation as a kind of loserdom anthem: “They say that I’m too old to have a voice/ And they say that I’m too young to die/ They say that I’m fixated/ I can understand why…”

In keeping with the budding singer/songwriter/producer’s lyrical and sonic themes, “Made It [Limber Mix]” conveys a sense of dancing with one’s own neuroses by marrying playful overtones with admissions of genuine and lasting discomfort. In support of this motif, the track’s official video is a glitch-laden, home-movie madhouse: between moment-to-moment smiles and cries tantrumteddy can be seen beating the literal hell from himself whilst crooning into the bathroom mirror. Laced with frantic, DIY style editing, it’s a vibe. The song and video hit digital streaming platforms June 3, 2022. 




tantrumteddy is the musical alter-ego of Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Ted Henderson. His music draws on jazz, punk, indie rock, and electro influences, comprising an equally dark and lighthearted mashup that he calls psychopop. Henderson juxtaposes lyrical dives into the abyss with a healthy sense of humor and self-awareness, playing sarcasm against sonic levity. This “bounce with the burden” vibe is a binding force in the recording artist’s work as heard in his debut EP, Cool Face, Hold It, released April 1, 2022. 

Self-taught from an early age, Henderson found reprieve from social awkwardness by learning to play the guitar. His eventual studies in jazz and classical composition influenced his approach to pop songwriting and production. Shaped in the plasticity-laced bizarro world of Orlando, Fla., tantrumteddy was initially dreamt up as an experiment marrying dense ukulele plucking with boom bap and breakbeat loops on an AKAI drum machine. Centered around Henderson’s layered crooning, the project is rife with happy-sad indie vibes—buoyant, cynical, bedroom-pop. 






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