tantrumteddy makes psychopop. Psychopop laughs about dysfunction and smiles through depression/anxiety—and you can dance to it. Picture an eccentric singer/songwriter childishly jumping around in a devil costume, slamming jazz chords on a ukulele, backed by boom-bap beats, fat subs, layered synths and stacked vox.

tantrumteddy’s lyrics are introspective. In contrast to the upbeat vibe of his sounds, tantrumteddy’s words focus on themes of personal darkness: unforgiving self-critique (even self-hatred) and the confounding nature of looking inward. Therein lies the other half of the misnomer—“psycho” (psychology) pop. The songs deal with individual fragility. There’s a nakedness to the subject matter. Getting to know yourself is in, but what if you find you hate yourself? Is it still OK to talk about that? tantrumteddy says yes.

tantrumteddy dropped his debut single July 2021. “First” is a tongue-in-cheek, lyrically literal bop about the futility of an unknown indie-artist dropping their first track out into the ether. “This is the first song / It doesn’t matter / And they don’t care / And they don’t have to…” The track is driven by quirky loops, polyrhythmic ukulele plucking, fuzzy subs, and perfectly imperfect group vocals. It’s short, fun and to the point—and just weird enough.

tantrumteddy likes rollercoasters. Filmed in his home town of Orlando, the official “First” video is an up-close-and-personal view of tantrumteddy singing while riding the rollercoaster capital’s wildest attraction—the Slingshot. Watch tantrumteddy perform while being shot 400 feet into the open air at 5 Gs. Both the song and video hit streamwaves July 2021.



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