Announcing debut single/video, ‘First’

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Headline: Watch electro singer perform as he’s shot 400 feet in the air at 5 Gs on bungee ride

Electro-pop up-and-comer tantrumteddy is dropping “First,” his debut single/video, on May 28, 2021.

tantrumteddy is a singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist who makes a unique brand of music. It draws on synth-pop, alternative, indie, hiphop, lofi, punk, deep house, and folk. The vibes are both introspective and cheeky—equal parts dark and fun. Think boom-bap beats, fat subs, synth layers, and quirky samples backing up a ukulele-wielding, neo-soul(ish) singer with depression who likes to laugh. He calls it “psychopop.”

“First” is a short, wild, tongue-in-cheek bop about a nobody dropping their first single into the ether. “This is the first song / It doesn’t matter / And they don’t care / And they don’t have to…”

The track’s official video, filmed in tantrumteddy’s hometown of Orlando, Florida, features up-close-and-personal footage of the singer belting out the song while riding the rollercoaster capital’s most fearsome attraction—known to locals and enthusiasts as “The Slingshot.” Interspersed with creepy cartoon artwork that captures psychopop’s essence, watch the world’s first video to feature an indie artist being literally catapulted 400 feet into the air.

This track is the first of several singles and videos to be released throughout summer 2021 leading up to tantrumteddy’s full-length debut: smile, ur dying.

“First” audio link: https://soundcloud.com/tantrumteddy/first/s-z6jJMzx9F0Q

“First” video link: https://youtu.be/PPgTzgdcvYk

Ted Henderson